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About company

Technological solutions for storage and transportation of liquids
from 6 liters and up to 25 000 m3 based on elastic tanks


LLC "Scientific and production company (NPF) "Politechnika" is the Russian leader in
spheres of development and mass production of composite elastomers and soft tanks for
oil products and other liquid cargoes.


Establishing of NPF "Politechnika" by a group of specialists of the Institute
"Poligrafmash" and of the "Center of scientific and technical activity and
social initiatives" of the Academy of Sciences.


Companies as one of the first in Russia started production of fundamentally
new type of tanks for the domestic oil industry designated for storage and transportation
of oil and oil products – mobile elastic tanks.

Also the company started mass production of elastic storage tanks for oil tanker ships,
made of thermoplastic and combined barrier materials.


For the first time on the Russian market the company launched an innovative line of mobile elastic
tanks - of PER-N type. Tanks of new generation are produced of frost-resistant thermoplastic polyurethane composites, which made it possible to widely introduce mobile tank farms and oil depots at Russian territory

Initially, the implementation of those tanks took place on the main oil product pipelines, and further — on numerous objects of development of hydrocarbon fields and other reserves of mineral
resources of Siberia, Arctic and Far North, as well as during the construction and development
of remote facilities, such as pipelines, oil fields, gold mines, shift camps, roads, etc


Company opened its own production site. Production line is fitted up with the unique equipment, intended for use with elastomers, vulcanizing boilers, laboratory test stands, own turning and fitting area, container shop and the fleet of trucks.

Scientific and practical seminars and electives are also held at the production base of the company, where specialists get acquainted with new types of products are trained in the sphere of development of new equipment, technologies and their application in practice.


LLC NPF "Politechnika" has commenced serial production of field fuel depots
(PSG type) of full completeness and of various volumes, based on elastic tanks.


The company made the first shipment of mobile field fuel storage facility (PSG type) to the Tagulskoye oil field of JSC "Vankorneft"

In accordance with the the contract, three mobile complexes with a total capacity of 6,000 m3 were installed.

Field fuel storage farms (PSG type) based on the elastic polymeric tanks of (PER-N type) were shipped to the construction site
of the main gas pipeline "Power of Siberia / Sila Sibiri"(Eastern route) for LLC "Stroygazconsulting" and CJSC "Stroytransgaz".

Field fuel storage facility of PSG-600 type was shipped to the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation for carrying out exercises in Crimea in order to provide fuels to the forces on sea and land polygons. Field fuel storage farm of PSG type proved themselves for acceptance, storage and delivery of fuel in the field. During the exercise 510 tons of diesel fuel were pumped at a distance of 1500 m in the sea and of 400 m on the ground. Special attention was paid to the area of mass fuel delivery (UMVG type).

Using UMVG, 10 truck fuel tankers with capacity of 7000 liters each were provided with fuel at the same time.

Proven reputation as a reliable partner

LLC NPF "Politechnika" works on the market for more than 25 years. Among the company's clients are the largest domestic companies of oil and gas industry, oilfield services, geological exploration, construction and mining as well as the Ministry of emergency situations and the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation.

Modern production technology

Production uses the latest automated equipment using high frequency current (HАС). NPF "Politechnika" has its own production base in the Tver region (in the Redkino settlement). On the production site there are production shops, warehouses of materials and finished products as well as a test site with a pool with a capacity of more than 1 000 m3.

High product quality

All types of soft tanks have successfully passed the state examination of industrial safety in Rostekhnadzor, certified for compliance with Russian and international standards.

Advanced developments

NPF "Polytechnic" is constantly working to improve the performance and design of elastic tanks. The company cooperates with leading industry research institutes, scientific associations and design organizations.

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